Client Testimonials

I've trained with Daria for over a year and it has made a clearly measurable difference in my strength. Numbers don't lie: I can lift and press much more weight than I could one year ago, and I weigh ten pounds less. The increase in strength is important to me because I have osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis.

One of the best attributes of Daria's approach is that she pushes me enough, but not too much. She challenges me each time we train, but I am not sore the next day and have never suffered any injury. I am 64, and Daria understands she is not training a 20 year-old Olympic hopeful, so she custom-tailors the program for me. To me, this is the hallmark of a concerned professional.

Although strength training is not normally what I consider a fun activity, working with Daria makes it very pleasant - because she is very upbeat and has an engaging personality.

- Irene Bass

I have been a client of Daria Clarke for over two years. All I can say is that I have returned to continue training with her month after month, and that, all by itself, should speak volumes. Aside from that, Daria is extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness, communicates her knowledge in a way that makes it accessible to me, applies her knowledge in such a way so as to recognize the limitations of my age (I am 71), and challenges me and pushes me without going over the top. Daria is also extremely pleasant and considerate, always wearing a smile. All in all, a high recommendation on all counts. And she also walks on water while riding an equine.

- Stan

I have had Daria as my personal trainer for over 15 years. Her background and personality is what originally drew me to use her for my training. My wife and I spend about 7 months a year in Las Vegas returning to Minneapolis in the summer. I was 53 at the time I started training with Daria and I truly feel she is the reason I have no normal aches and pains that a lot of friends my age have. I need no medical pills and only take vitamins. She provides me with general training as my goal is to enjoy most activities. Besides an excellent trainer, she is well based in her thoughts and recommendations. She has great knowledge not only in physical but also in mental objectives.

- Wayne

I have been training with Daria for about 8 years. At the time we met I was not in very good shape and hadn't exercised much if at all. I wasn't sure I would be able to do any strenuous exercise partly because of my asthma. Well, Daria proved me wrong. I am now 67 years old and have been able to maintain a level of health which I would not have been able to do without her help. She has inspired me to continue exercising all these years and I have been able to maintain a really good level of energy and fitness for my age. I love how she changes my routines on a regular basis so the muscles in my body don't become complacent. Thanks Daria for helping me all these years.

- Nancy Adams

I have known Daria for over two years and all I can say is that Daria is an excellent personal trainer as well as a truly exceptional human being. Daria assesses your strengths and weaknesses and develops a program that works for you. Daria modifies the program as need be and is not one to ever cut a program short because of time. Daria truly cares about how you do and adjusts the program to fit your comfort level. Daria always checks to ensure that you have no particular aches or pains before starting a work out. If you do, Daria will work around them or help in working out any particular ache or pain as Daria adjusts the routines accordingly. Daria is easy to work with you so that you always remain comfortable yet pushing you to greater heights. Daria is great for all age groups and I know firsthand that she works extremely well with folks from their 50s through their 80s keeping them mobile and fit. If you are looking for a personal trainer whether a first timer or expert give Daria a try, you won’t be disappointed.

- Greg M
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