Welcome to Daria Clarke Personal Fitness Training

Let’s talk health and fitness.

When it comes to health and fitness, people don’t have time to waste. They need to know exactly what is right for them. Drawing on the model of sports and entertainment training, in which individuals hire personal trainers to achieve highly specific fitness goals, Daria Clarke Personal Fitness Training has instituted a highly respected personal service to help people improve their strength and energy.

Personal Fitness Trainer, Daria Clarke, travels to each client's home, gym or office, where she appraises and discusses overall health and stamina and creates a personal regimen of exercise suitable to the client's current level of fitness. She then returns to the client from 1 to 3 times each week, depending on the client's needs, to conduct 45-minute to 1-hour exercise sessions. Nutrition and hydration are also worked into each session.

Daria Clarke provides information based on current exercise science and proven biomechanics - not personal opinions or current exercise fads. Teaching the simple truth about diet and exercise is a major part of Daria Clarke’s personal fitness training regimens.

"Knowledge is power." - Sir Francis Bacon

Daria Clarke Personal Fitness Training will help you use your new knowledge in a way that suits your life and ability. Contact Daria today to get started!
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