About Daria Clarke

A Las Vegas native, Daria Clarke has been "Training with Integrity" as a fitness trainer and aerobic exercise instructor since 1978.

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Daria has been certified by the American Council of Exercise since 1990. In Bozeman, Montana, she was also a managing director and chief of instruction for the largest health club in the region, For Ladies Only.

Since beginning her fitness career, Daria has been giving responsible and scientifically correct personal fitness training service. She offers sound advice, personal motivation and honesty, NOT exercise fads and sessions that end in pain or injury.

Trustworthy and dependable for the celebrity, entrepreneur, professional or senior citizen, Daria is passionate about her work and enjoys helping her clients reach their fitness goals by motivating them to get their as quickly as possible without risk.
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